Global Remittance And Money Transfer Software

Need money transfer software? connect with remitz and we will meet your needs and help build the process of remittance to the next level. Remitz is a technology service provider offering remittance software to licensed money transfer companies and streamlines your money transfer business, we customize, we integrate and we connect.

  • Remittance software
  • Agency/Branch network
  • Payout network
  • Compliance & kyc
  • Mobile app(Android & IOS )
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Money transfer software

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Third party web services and Api integration

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Stay compliant with compliance, AML and KYC

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Transactions/Exchange Rates/Fee Management

Money Transfer Software  Compliance


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Remittance & Money Transfer Software types

Choose between the software types and you don't have to pay any extra for what you dod not use. These types are explained i detail below . The above software can be signed up individually or even All together, All the above modules are equipped with single admin panel.

Self service money transfer software for online customers with out agents

In this the customers visit the website to send money to friends and family by paying to the business owner with out visiting the business office location. The customer pays the business via online using a payment gateway and also can transfer money using the internet bank transfer or any other mode of payment available in the sending country.

Agent based Money transfer software for Agents around the globe

Admin can creates multiple payout and payin agents and map them according to their agreements, Admin can process any transaction done across any payin and payout agent, Revenue sharing on service fee can be done on this module. Individual ledgers available for Payout and Payin agent. Multi currency

Mobile app And IOS and Android

Tailored made advanced and reliable android and IOS apps with best UI experience, Mobile app will help your business

Third party web services API Integrations

The software can be integrated with third party API from any money transfer operators(MTO), Payout,Payin,Banks,Payment gateways,SMS gateways.Email gateways,Id verification,Compliance,KYC and AML. Engine that can be integrated with API Get an increase in your transaction volumes by accessing the send and the pay-out networks via API integrations . Api Integration are integrated with the software which make your business systems hassle-free. It is adaptable, automated , and offers value-addition to the process. The software supports your business growth and complexities.