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Be it a small scale or large-scale facility, we remove the complexity issue. Our platform gives the best solutions with trusted online remittance software applications.

Self Service Money Transfer Software

Agent/Branch-Based Money Transfer Software

Money Transfer Software

Stay Compliant with Compliance, AML, and KYC

Enforcing rules in real-time

A tailored solution to truly fit your needs and seamlessly incorporate critical components like the enforcement of your business and AML rules, with KYC verification throughout your operation.

Automated KYC

Flagging customers that may have a potential match to an OFAC, UNSC 1267, EU, HMRC list

Archive Compliance business intelligence

Auditing all transaction information

Upload soft copies of KYC documents for each customer

Usage made easy

UIs to offer a stunning customer experience.

The software allows the agents to upload, create, edit and retrieve infinite customer details within no time in easy steps.

Easily manage your customer's details

Upload ID proofs of customers

Activate and Deactivate any user

Customers to transfer the fund easily and quickly

Remittance Software
 Money Transfer Customer Management System

Transactions / Exchange Rates/ Fee Management

Manage and monitor all your currency and commissioning structure

Make extra revenue by staying on top of your FX rates and transactions. Manage currency buying and selling activities with live currency feeds and commissioning structure.

Adding currency markup

Manage currency limits for different payouts

Manage transaction limits per day for each payout

Manage Tax fee based on payout agents

Multi-Currency transactions across different currency domains.

Third-party Web services API Integrations

Delivery of services and information is more flexible.

The software can be integrated with third party API from any money transfer operators(MTO), Payout, Payin , Banks, Payment gateway, SMS gateways , Email gateways , Id Verification, Compliance, KYC and AML.

Integrations to a wide range of businesses

Data migration is supported better

Connecting the sender to the receiver and vice versa

Web Based Money Transfer Software Security.
 Online Money Transaction Software

Secure your Website/Portal and Data

Robust and Reliable security is provided to ensure the higher level encryption for transactions is done so that they cannot be misused or tampered with.

Restrict access to certain IP addresses, or to allow access to a specific IP

SSL installed to transmit data securely over the Internet

Enforce a Strong Password Policy.

Data Management, Reporting & Analytics

Simplify and Streamline your reporting with Remitz. we help our customers to better understand and improve their operations and customer relationships.

Data analysis using Dashboards

Reports of transactional activity based on Payment type and etc.

Create and maintain customer data

Historical data are available for analysis.

Remittance Software Reporting
Fintech Support

Unparalleled Technical Support

Our experienced Technical experts extended support for the Remitz Software to help you optimize the use of our software solutions or customize the system so that it enhances your business needs and requirements.

Effective after sales Support and maintenance .

Assured service and reliability.

Deliver class technical support in addition to instruction videos.

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