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Exchange Rates and Charges Management

Sending And Receiving Branch
The branches registered in the sending country is called the sending branch and the branch registered in the receiving country is receiving branch.
Profit Type
Profit types are three types Flat Fee, Percentage Fee, and Currency Difference.
Flat Fee
This is the fee charged by a sending agent, usually it is charged per transaction.
Percentage Fee
This is the fee charges against the sending amount, This is the percentage of the amount sending. As the sending amount increases, this fee also increases.
Currency Difference
This is generally shared between the sending and receiving branches, this is a calculated difference of exchange rates multiplied by sending amount.
Sanction Search
Check names against United Nations Security Council Sanctions, Australian Sanctions, Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC).
Transaction Screening
Every Transaction will be screened for risk.
Connected Transactions
Checks against the transactions for phishing.
Profile Management
Profiles of customers are given a proper numbering for easy access.
Id Proof
Id proof will be uploaded for every customer and stored on the cloud. Both Primary and secondary Id proofs are taken.
Exchange Rates
Ability to give the exchange rates from vendors, manually or currency feeds.
Profit and Commission
Add your commission so that you can boost your profits.
Currency Mark Up
Markup currency rates are taken from feeds or from your vendor to make a selling price and give it to customer.
Suspend/Deactivate a User
Users can be suspended or deactivated, if there is any multi-currency: Can be operated in Multiple currencies.
Transaction Approval
Transactions need Compliance Approval whenever KYC is failed.
Regular Backup of the transaction data is taken.
Secured Socket layer certificates are installed so that the connections are encrypted.
Ledger of transactions made, Cancelled and Amount paid by the sending branch and Paid to receive branch.