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Remitz Features

Extend the services you offer to your clients, services such as international remittance and cash delivery at home.Send remittance via your website or branches/agents Peer 2 Peer remittance via Website or your branches/agent. Allow your customers to send money to beneficiary. By entering beneficiary name, phone number, email.


  Extend the services you offer to your clients, services such as International remittance and cash delivery at home.

  Customer can perform ,Receive payment via bank transfer and pay or receive in cash or make card payments.

  properties, transactions, customers, enquiries, on-site visits, content addition, multi verticals at a single place, one stop shop for all needs

  Send funds to anywhere in the world to over 140 countries and over 100 currencies supported.

  Easy Search: Search for sender by customer ID/name/phone number/postcode

  Set up transaction restrictions, such as daily/Monthly limit for sending/receiving money, minimum number of identifications required, based on transaction amount.

  Improved documents attachment - every transaction keeps its own copy of documents attached to it at the creation of the transaction and at payout transaction.

  Support cash delivery at home.

  Support a network of agents/branches or affiliates across the globe.

  Retain beneficiary and sender history for future payments.

  Payment gateway integration: Appeal to every single client with flexible payment options through PayPal, debit/credit card, bank transfer and cash pickup.

Full sender or beneficiary transaction history. Know Your Customer/sanctions search. Ensures transactions that are fully traceable to the sender or beneficiary through our linked transaction checks. Our software automatically detect suspicious activity. This works by searching the database to identify the number of transactions received by beneficiary or transmitted by sender over a given period of time. This will give a good indication of the possibility of illegal activities Protect your business from illegitimate activities and scan all senders and receivers the global sanction list.


  Know exactly who your clients are and verify their identity. Keep up to date with our simple forms and secure your KYC compliance.

  Protect your business from abusive by blacklisting suspicious senders and receivers. Stay ahead of the game with our fully integrated modules armed with the necessary anti money laundering checks.


  Data-At-Rest and Data-In-Flight encryption.

  Data backups are a critical part of the data protection and recovery process in our system.

  Achieve maximum security with restricted access to the Money Transfer Application through the required number of IP addresses.

  Session Timeout: the ability to set time limit after which the user gets logged out automatically.

  Hosted at a high-security data center.

  Immediately monitor and analyse your business activities with detailed reports. Clearly evaluate your business profits with the profit & loss reports and ledger report facilities.

With remitsuite You can automate end of day reconciliation across all counter parties, Agents settlement, advanced reporting .


  Track cashier activities in real-time.

  Send remittance via your website or branches/agents.

  Monitor cashier actions, including pay-in and pay-out transactions.

  Run advanced reports on each cashier, agent / branch.

  View Account Settlements and Transaction Alerts.

  Manage Credit Limit for your agents.

  Generate Statement/Balance Sheet.

  Opening Balance Alerts.

  Supports Banks, Branches and agents, branches and agents for easy reporting.


  Clearly evaluate your business profits with the profit & loss reports and ledger report facilities.

  Automate end of day reconciliation across all agents and branches.Clearly audit all transaction activities.

  Establish Agent Limit: Set limits for agents above which they cannot send money.

  Establish Global Limit: Set money limits globally throughout the system, above which money cannot be transferred.

Keep your data protected with various permissions and user interfaces for cashiers, admins, compliance, Agents and Branches. Create user account such Agents and Branches.Monitor customer activities.

  User Management

  Create user account such Agent and Branch.

  Activate or deactivate Remit Agent , Branch , Delivery Agents and admin.

  Audit Records.

  Opening Balance History.

  Unlimited Agent Support.

  Allow sender to sign-up online and send money.

  Monitor Agent opening balance for each active currency.


  Monitor customer activities.

  Targeted marketing on a selected set of customers.

  Set-up promo codes to customers who meet a specific criteria.

  Email or sms marketing your customers.

  Embrace the mobile world and access your Money Transfer system on the move with your desktop, tablet and mobile Devices. Give your branding a boost through customised white-labelling while branding all receipts with your company name and logo. Custom Interface for different roles.

  Streamline your customer management; send money in just a few clicks and easily let your customers know when the transaction has been successful.

  No need to worry about the technical aspect - all you need to start your business is a computer and an internet connection.

  Quick Start Panel - visible on dashboard area to help you gain quick access to system's major functions.

  Notifications Tab, History, Help, Feedback - visible on dashboard to keep you updated with notifications on all of your transactions.

Real-time currency feed from Xe or your custom currency feed.Take control and customize your exchange rates across a global network of branches and agents.Increase your revenue by defining your own exchange rates margin for all agents or individual agents.Set up a fee-sharing structure, allocate percentage share to pay-in or pay-out agent, or both.Automatically calculate agent total transaction commission. Manage Commissions: Define Specific Commission Structure and specific exchange rates for certain agents.

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