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Money transfer platform

To get you to start , and keep you growing

Be it a small scale or large-scale facility, we remove the complexity issue. Our platform gives the best solutions with trusted online remittance software applications.


Online money transfer service
You can rapidly grow all the transaction volumes online. The customers can easily and securely transfer the monetary transactions via the online procedure. Quick registrations are feasible through mobile or laptop browsers with KYC and AML compliance checks.
This is cloud based online money transfer software, delivers your business transformation as per the requirements. It offers you services pertaining to integration, web enhancements, brand elements, etc. The ability to transact from homes enhances the customer satisfaction quality.
The remitters also get to create their own set of beneficiaries and transactions.
Agent based online money transfer
It can be taken via the agent over the counter. Our cloud based money transfer platform provides sensible and smart technology that will win over all the hindrances and give easy transactions from agent location and provides precise monitoring of agents and their accounts.Agent based money transfer software transforms the way in which you want your business to change and move ahead. Enhancing of customer convenience is the mainstay and puts forward KYC and AML compliance.


Stay compliant with Compliance, AML, and KYC

Enforcing rules in real-time

A tailored solution to truly fit your needs and seamlessly incorporate critical components like the enforcement of your business and AML rules, with KYC verification throughout your operation

  • Automated KYC
  • Flagging customers that may have a potential match to an OFAC, UNSC 1267, EU, HMRC list
  • Archive compliance business intelligence
  • Auditing all transaction information
  • Upload soft copies of KYC documents for each customer

In-built compliance
Our in-built compliance-based engine ensures anti-money laundering is taken care of with the ID checks that are put into place. Remitz also offers the most comprehensive compliance system in the ongoing market. Having in-built technological advancement justifies our growth in technology and our impetus in the remittance management field.

Verify using API
You get to avail automated KYC during the registration phase at Remitz. Online security checks are carried out, including the passport, and address verification procedure against the remitters during an attempt to send money of certain amount. For which we need to integrate any ID verification API. It supports and automates the KYC and registration steps, thus, making it more efficient and quicker.

Remittance Software

Usage made easy

UIs to offer a stunning customer experience.

The software allows the agents to upload, create, edit and retrieve infinite customer details within no time in easy steps

  • Easily manage your customer's details
  • Upload ID proofs of customers
  • Activate and Deactivate any user
  • Customers to transfer the fund easily and quickly
Remittance Software Reporting

Data Management, Reporting & Analytics

Simplify and Streamline your reporting with Remitz. we help our customers to better understand and improve their operations and customer relationships.

  • Data analysis using dashboards
  • Reports of transactional activity based on payment type and etc.
  • Create and maintain customer data
  • Historical data are available for analysis.
Online Money Transaction Software

Secure your Website/Portal and Data

Robust and Reliable security is provided to ensure the higher level encryption for transactions is done so that they cannot be misused or tampered with

  • Restrict access to certain IP addresses, or to allow access to a specific IP
  • SSL installed to transmit data securely over the Internet
  • Enforce a Strong Password Policy.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere using our mobile apps for Android and iOS

  • Android mobile app
  • iOS mobile app
  • All popular web browsers
Fintech Support

Unparalleled technical support

Our experienced technical expertsextended support for the remitz software to help you optimize the use of our software solutions or customize the system so that it enhances your business needs and requirements.

  • Effective after sales support and maintenance .
  • Assured service and reliability.
  • Deliver class technical support in addition to instruction videos.

User Creation

User will be registered with minimum fields.

When a customer is registered the customer will be sent an OTP and email will be verified.

When a customer is registered the customer will be sent an OTP and the mobile number of the customer will be verified.

Upon customer registration, the customer needs to enter the full personal details iincluding the identity documents and address proof documents. which are stored on the computer and used to do KYC for customer.

After the customer is registered on the system, identity and address proof documents are available on the admin panel of the system. On varification of these documents KYC approval of done.

All the customers registered on the system will be available here, the customers.

All the customers registered on the system.

When a user login to the account, he needs to enter the OTP received on his mobile device to login. This is the security we have on the system.

Fee Management

The service fee can be set here based on the corridors. The service fee here can be set in such a way that it be set as a percentage fee or flat fee.

The collection fee can be set here based on the corridors. the collection fee will be based on the payment type the customer is paying while making a transaction.

Exchange Rate Management

User will be registered with minimum fields.

User will be registered with minimum fields.


The service fee can be set here based on the corridors. The service fee here can be set in such a way that it be set as a percentagw fee or flat fee.

The collection fee can be set here based on the corridors. The collection fee well be based on the customer is paying while making a

Whenever an admin wants to give promotions to customers. admin can set the promotions here.

Admin can create a new login here, every login will have a different type of role. and the new user can login with the role assigned.

The list will be available here, admin can edit or add a new list here.

The list will be available here, admin can edit or add a new list here.

The list will be available here, admin can edit or add a new list here.

Banks for all receive countries can be added here, so theat when a bank deposit is selected for any receiving country and that bank will be visible for the customer.


Here we will be able to see when and from what ip address any person who is registered on the software is logging in. this included even the staff members with different roles.

Here the data visible is any staff member who has edited any information of the customer, we will track when and from whose login or ip address the staff has accessed or edited this information.

Here the ledger is for any particular agent. we can see the balance here.

Profit and loss for that agent who is logged in will be visible here

When agents make transactions, some part of the agent's collections needs to be deposited to admin or receiving agents. After depositing the entries are made from here and sent for approvel.

After the agents deposit, the list is displayed with respective agents and then approved here. after the approval, it will be added to ledger.


These are the rules set up in the software according to the AML of a sending country. when these rules are effective, the transactions are flagged here and sent for approval to the compliance role.

This is the limit for any sending country above which the id proof is mandatory.

This is again for the use of AML, which is displayed in compliance roles, by seeing officer will approve any transaction to flow through the process.

Set up

New branch here means a new country and whenever an agent wants to start from a new country, they can create a new one.

The new branch created will be listed here.

The agents will be created under a branch, nothing but a country, that agent can be a send or receive agent or bot send and receive agents. the send agent can make transactions and the receive agents can payout any transaction made by send agents.

All the send and receive agents will be listed here

Mapping is done here so as to map the send agent with the receiving agent. when a send agent is selected only the mapped receiving agents will be visible.

The software charges a service fee and that service fee can be distributed among send agent, receive agent and admin. the percentage share will be visible here. based on this when a transaction is made we will calculate the revenue and store it in respected tables. after which they can be easily retrieved and shown in profit and loss.

For every receiving agent, there are payment types like bank deposit, cash collection and mobile money or airtime top up. these can be enable or disabled here.

Here the percentange is allocated for profit in exchange rate profit and the same will be distrubuted among them.

Transaction list

The list of all transactions done by customers and also by agents will be listed here.

Here the transactions can be filtered based on the date, type of transaction refrence no. and some advanced features.

A copy of all transaction will be downloaded here in CSV format

A copy of all the transactions will be downloaded in pdf format

3rd Party API

Any API can be integrated here, it can be a eamil, SMS and payout API.

The in-house API is for Remitz software, which can be given to any integrate their software to Remitz software